Reactions to Fate’s Janitors

Fate’s Janitors reached the final round of judging for this year’s Eric Hoffer Award and the Montaigne Medal.

The Eric Hoffer Award is given to highlight superior writing released by independent publishers.

The Montaigne Medal is awarded to the year’s most thought provoking books.

Other Reactions to Fate’s Janitors

“This debut author draws on his life experiences expertly in a work of fiction that often strikes too close to home. It is a folksy, witty and humorous blend of frustration, coming of age, depression, and despair all coming together in a portrayal of humanity at its most raw, most vulnerable and most endearing. There is just the right touch of vulgarity to underscore the essence of reality. And the ghost of Raymond Chandler has been channeled through clever descriptive phrases, such as, ‘tan and robust as a chicken just taken off a rotisserie’ and ‘shame and joy compounded like a credit card balance.’

“While this novel makes liberal, and sometimes specific, reference to the field of mental health, you do not have to be a mental health professional to enjoy and appreciate this peek into the bizarre lives and thoughts of people that you will ultimately feel you know.”

“A splendid description of life in the health care field. This is a refreshing look into the role of psychiatric care in a big medical center. I enjoyed the writing style and am looking forward to reading the next chapter.”

“Got my attention right away.”

“This one made me smile, almost giggle.”

“Great story. I really love it.”